Throwback Thursdays with Simon Marsan

So much creative stuff in this edit from Simon Marsan from Quebec, Canada. Look out for the no hand no foot crack / manual around the 1;14 and 2:23 mark, and the xft crackpacker no handed cyborg style I don’t think I have seen again to this day! Amazing riding, and creative talent. Is there more footage of this guy that we all need to see?

12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Simon Marsan

  1. Simon was probably one of the best rolling style riders that ever rode. There are some guys who are heralded as being these people that were super original or whatever, but Simon completely blew them out of the water. This edit hardly touched what he could do as well. It was incredible. If he had gotten more coverage he would be seen as one of the most innovative riders of all time.

  2. So someone else did the “spider glide”‘, front AND back wheel!? I’m confused. I also like how he acts like the ride out for the back wheel one didn’t hurt, GO JOE!

  3. Catch up with him E. He’s all into body building now, but he’s making waves their too.

    I love his riding. I actually just a saw a trick I was trying to film!!!

  4. E, might be interesting to do a “where are they now” piece on Simon? Catch up and do an interview to see if he’s still riding and what else he gets up to these days.

    (I more or less know from following his social media, but for others that are not familiar could be pretty interesting. Also could make it a bit of a series catching up with other names that have fallen away from spotlight)

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