TJ Perry: A Link Story

TJ Perry just dropped this nice story behind getting back into riding and the challenges he faced, and the struggles of working his riding from a large out in the open rough car park surface to undercover smooth garage riding spot with very little resistance on the tyres. This worth your time to sit down and watch and listen to, great to see TJ give some advice that can help others. We definitely need more of these helpful videos.

14 thoughts on “TJ Perry: A Link Story

  1. I enjoyed this. It’s nice to hear the thought process of other riders during what can be arduous, repetitive practice. As a 50 year old flatlander, I have come to terms with my current limitations, most of the time, and allow myself to enjoy the ride as I try to progress.

  2. Hello TJ, this is a very interesting video! I thought my current spot would be small with around 10 m x 10 m haha… One aspect is not fully clear to me: You explain how you needed to learn to do a certain link always at the same spot and in the same orientation. I can understand that you need to proceed like this because of the lack of space. But when you go to a contest or another spot: How can you adapt to a different area? Especially when you have no slope for example…
    I always tend to do combos starting in the same direction and doing the link at the same spot like you even if I have more space, but here and there I try to do it in a different way just to stay “flexible” to be able to do the combo somewhere else. What do you think?

    • Well the adaptation part is very difficult for me. There aren’t really any other places I can ride around me based on when I can ride (after my kids go to sleep so only at night). When I went to Huffjam I had a REALLY hard time getting used to the floor because my brain kept telling me to pump at certain times or do certain motions and it made me feel really fast and confused.

      In the future I want to make an effort to try and find new spots to ride in Richmond so I can learn to adapt better. That’s the one big downside to being in the garage: you get so used to this space that it becomes super hard to ride anywhere else.

      Another thing that throws me off is that when I ride in a more open area I’m very used to seeing the walls or the stairs/trash can in my peripheral vision so when it isn’t there I kind of lose my bearings. A weird problem to have!

  3. Always loved T.J.’s technically hard switches and flips. ( especially the 360 bar flip , wrist twist to steam. ) His combos have always ruled…….his insight / story to this link and his garage riding was an added bonus to another rad session edit of him…….great pick to post , Big- E .

      • Thank you , Reggie . I appreciate that , and I also really applaud you being a Principle, THAT’S rad ! You’re literally teaching / training future generations. You’re also correct . Flatland transcends into a lot of other things in everyday life . It’s a discipline that can enhance just about every / anything you do . I look forward to seeing some of your riding on here , Reggie . Stay rad , man !

    • Just put a new pair on actually! I slid out in the corner and my bike went shooting into the wall bending one of the grip tubes. They’re super strong and feel great. No idea why two piece bars are so popular outside of aesthetic reasons.

      • How many pairs of them did you have made?
        I did speak to London about making me a very similar pair a few years ago but never actually pulled the trigger.

        • This is my third pair. The first got suuuper rusty when I hadn’t ridden. The second pair I already mentioned bending. They’ve been well worth the money because with the center of gravity being much tighter big it makes the front end feel lighter during barflips and whip tricks.

          • Are you having the replacements made as you need them? I didn’t know London were still doing stuff, might hit them up.

  4. Are you having the replacements made as you need them? I didn’t know London were still doing stuff, might hit them up.

    • Yep! I don’t think he is doing it regularly but he already had the specs for the bars so it wasn’t a big deal to have another set made all things considered.

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