7 thoughts on “Toronto Downtown – Flatstyles with Percy Marshall, Paula Callery + Lachlan Cameron!

  1. After seeing Percy ride at Guru I think that his decision to do some really out of vogue tricks is a very conscious and deliberate decision, and I don´t just mean dropping funky chickens in the middle of a combo. The amount of thought and the amount of skill he puts into them makes him one of the true artists of flat.

  2. When asking Percy to come ride I told him to bring his everything to this jam cause TD is where new combos happen. I think that thought was his preparation / motivation to come and destroy every new trick / combo he had been working on all summer.

    Its an absolute pleasure filming this guy, the smallest motivation brought out the absolute best in his riding.

    This is true for the younger generation, and it is one point I am proud to say has existed in this sport Flatland since the dawn of time. I was extremely motivated by Jeff D, He was motivated by Jason Brown, etc.

    This sport is like becoming a monk or a ninja, you can commit you life to success only to finally achieve it 10 years later.

    I can’t wait to see where he will bring his flatland game in the future, but all flatlanders should take note that small positive re-enforcements drive the future freestyle of flatland.

  3. I’ve not commented in a long time, but after watching that no handed DT to no handed blender I have to respond with roaring applause. That was insane percy!!!

    Percy for president!

  4. I like how most of the people on the street were bundled up in heavy coats. Percy busted out in a tie-dye t-shirt and shorts. Dude is legit. Enjoyed this.

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