Trevor Meyer: Moreno Valley Contest / 1995

Snakebite BMX’s uploads have been on fire lately, and this contest run from Trevor Meyer is one I have personally wanted to see for a long time. Kenan Harkin’s intro to Trevor’s run might be best intro for a contest run I have ever heard, not to mention Trevors amazing riding and that last line! Pure fire!

2 thoughts on “Trevor Meyer: Moreno Valley Contest / 1995

  1. Awesome thanks! Trevor is such a monster on his bike, totally shredding it up. And his bike is soo long like a train, the wheelbase is nuts how it appears but it seems to fit him so perfectly.

    I ‘grew up’ watching him ride in videos and even a few times on tv (xgames). He was such an inspiration and watching him always gave me so much motivation. I saw him at a contest in the late 90s but was too intimidated to go up and talk to him wish I had though.

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