2 thoughts on “Varo Hernandez: Part II

  1. Lots of progression here! I’m personally digging his Cobain roll- turbine , bar flip drop to rocket ….picked up immediately to time machine . The nose manual step down to turbine ,one handed hang tens . ( pivot to x-leg crack packer . ) The crazy fork roll , full body varial / boomerang , pick up to steam turbine . ( had to watch that 5 times to decipher it , ha ! ) The carved rocket to downside -foot jam decade-ish thing….. landing to Mc circle . ( didn’t see that one coming ! ) Even the way Varo is mixing /toying with these rear peg nose manuals . I.e., throwing in Vaders , can-cans , carving both directions ….really experimenting with them . Switch -B , inside carves ,turbine flip to pedal rope spins . ( he makes these look excellent . ) Another banger ……Varo was already a really skilled rider . After M.K. Format , ruling @ various contests , support from Fly bikes , other sponsors and devoting most of his time , being a top contender in the circuit AND these edits…he’s gonna keep the front to back wheel ( and vice versa . ) flow looking effortless and unpredictable . Loved that one combo he laced up @ C.O.B. , battling Kio as the drum and bass track kicked in……….

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