3 thoughts on “Yohei Uchino – Chimera A-Side Qualifying

  1. He wasn’t concerned with a gold , silver , bronze …..hell , ANY placing at all . He was just FULLY in his zone relentlessly going for it , TIMES 7 . His bike flip , landing to backwards manual …..to even more HAMMER transitions was also one of my favorite things to watch during X-Games . Uuchie’s mind /soul was dedicated to going all in on this SLLLAMMMMED line of his and I was as STOKED to see him FULLY commit to his process of this as much as I was on seeing PULLED links from everyone. Every time he went for it ……in my opinion he was schooling all of Flatland as to staying true to your personal goals , riding ….no matter WHAT situation you are riding in. Even a LIVE T.V. / STREAMING , BIG PAYOUT event .

  2. I have even MORE respect for Uuchie as a rider after watching just WHAT and HOW he rode in Chiba . EVERYONE there knows that he could have had a super legit shot @ gold , silver , or bronze. Yohei chose a more Mat Hoffman , Moto Sasaki , or even Steve Mulder approach . It was totally something different , unexpected , and VERY intense in how he rode @ the X-Games . I personally dug it . Uuchie basically stepped away from the majority , obvious goal of riding in the X-Games and without a single moment of hesitation …….he just went into ” I’m gonna pull this link, no matter how many tries it takes me and I’m NOT gonna stop ! ” He went FULL ON Flatland warrior . That huge 7 foot tall beast man who the Immortals had in chains UNTIL the battle got really wild with the Spartans. So THEN the other Immortals cut / broke his chains because it was the EXACT time for him to get into the battle ….THAT was Uuchie , haha. Just going for it until ……the end ! He was also so relaxed , chilled and actually having fun throughout the entire process.

  3. I think ALOT more should be discussed about just HOW he chose to ride in Chiba . As we can all see here in this Chimera run…….he was FULLY capable of a medal . Even WINNING. I also dug that paint job ! UUUGLY , and I mean that in a GOOD way . I would love to see more ugly , weird , and kooky brought BACK into Flatland. Like late 90’s Chase just BUSTING OUT sick links in torn Camo shorts , his bike and clothes looking tattered , scratched , and worn ! Him looking ROUGH , just doing the most craziest tricks , links . ( like in Dope Ammo ! ) . Yohei in a Brookyn Machine Works shirt ! Nigel Sylvester / Pharell Williams BMX project……dope ! Wonder if that’s the frame he’s riding here @ Chimera and in Chiba. I’m REALLY even MORE stoked on Yohei UUCHIE Uchino after Chiba ! How do you feel about the way he approached his battles , Effraim ???

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