Yohei Uchno introduces his new Flat/Skatepark!

Something a little different right here, Yohei Uchino introduces his new flatland/skateboard park, it is pretty incredible in my opinion that Ucchie can make this happen. From the tone of this video, it looks like there will be plenty more updates from this amazing facility in Japan!

2 thoughts on “Yohei Uchno introduces his new Flat/Skatepark!

  1. How much to sleep under the flatland stage at night and ride all day?! Closest grocery store?! I’m not picky, can easily adapt to any diet. This place looks amazing! Fantastic concept brought to life! I wish I could afford to travel, be allowed to travel, and and then go there. What a dope facility! The grip on the flat floor is such a key detail, and the 3 lighting options is genius for an indoor set up. Can’t even wrap my head around how this is real. Best park ever. Props gentlemen!

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