Must Watch: Austin Luberda / A.M. Sessions

It is amazing during this difficult year, that we can really see the value of flatland and how good it is for our souls and general well being. Austin Luberda has made a big impact on the US flat scene over the last few years, amazing flow and style. Recently, he and his lovely wife Anna, had their first child together, and in order to continue riding at a high level and juggle parent life Austin changed his riding schedule from the afternoon/evening to early morning session.

And the result, is absolutely amazing. Not only the riding, but the morning light is something unless you ride early mornings you won’t know what I am talking about. Let’s talk about the riding….

And in particular, I want to highlight the last two lines at 2:48 and the gliding junkyard blindside pivot to switch hand switch foot time machine breaks new ground, and opens a new door for Austin at 3:07!

This edit has it all, easy on the eye, ground breaking moves, well edited, the list goes on. I really want to see Austin on the big contest stage, keep on keeping on Austin! It’s a good day on Flatmattersonline!!

13 thoughts on “Must Watch: Austin Luberda / A.M. Sessions

  1. Absolutely, amazing! It’s really wild how a little tweak in our schedule and change of life can really amp your riding! So pumped to see this!

  2. Still remember Bobby Burge’s words, a couple weeks after the Flatland Voodoo Jam , 2014 I believe……..he raved about THIS cat . Saying that he was QUICKLY on the come up with his superior riding style / lines , and comparing him to Matthias’s style of riding …… we are in 2020 with Austin is just SLLLAAAAMMMING it ,on his bike !! @ 1.46 minutes !! HOW does one’s brain react THAT damn fast flying through double footed turbine ice creams , bar flipping to an inside / switch time machine , handed over to a Lung spin , to inside pumping rocket , quickly switching feet , STILL continuing the combo ??! ESPECIALLY busting THIS type of hyper speed / technical link……….IN THE A.M. ??!!! Austin is just ruling , as usual , and as I’ve stated many times …….his riding style is SO friggin perfect ! If there’s a MUST WATCH Award category @ the end of 2020 , on this site……….here’s a contender that is as much eye candy type of riding ,as it is flat out………AGGRO as hell !! That last signature line of his is killer !! Some M.O.C. type of stuff , in my opinion ! Really loved this. The music flowed REALLY well with his riding , too ……………

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