York Jam 2021

With the covid pandemic stopping a lot of events over the past recently, it’s been a while since the flatland community have had the chance to get together. Nothing but good vibes, from the 2021 York Jam that popped off this past weekend. Soak up the vibes in this great edit from Steady Focus media featuring the likes of Dane Beardsley, James McGraw, Dave Nourie, Isaiah Jordan, Yellow, Matty Cranmer, Bryan Huffman and many more, with cameos from the Hoods to boot. Such a good edit!

9 thoughts on “York Jam 2021

  1. York Jam 2021 was a blast! It was my first time to go to the York Jam and probably my favorite jam thus far! If you didn’t make it out this year you won’t want to miss out next year!! Thanks for sharing Flatmatters!

  2. Agreed! If our country’s allow travel and abolish this 2 tiered society they’ve created for our “safety”, it would be a breath of fresh clean air to ride with some amazing people and experience what living life is again. Damn what a dope looking event to attend.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. If you are into BMX you are most likely on the healthier side of life and would be just fine. This stupidity that has been happening for over a year needs to stop.

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