Unscripted – A Flatland Film 2021

Unscripted – A Flatland Film 2021 is available for download right now, Stewart Munro’s latest video project. Looking forward to sitting down and watching this one later today!

”Unscripted is a new full-length video showcasing some of the best flatlanders from around the world featuring Kio Hayakawa, Masato Ito, Nick Watts, Simon O’Brien, Clint Millar, Jody Temple, Paul Chamberlain, Pete Brandt, Ruo Hayakawa, Yoshihiro Shinde, Trevor Meyer and Viki Gomez.” Run Time – 1 hour .

Link to buy – https://kfc.gumroad.com/l/qFmTD

2 thoughts on “Unscripted – A Flatland Film 2021

  1. Really digging on the Trevor, Yoshihiro, Jody, and Nick Watts parts. Took me a sec to get Minneapolis reference with Prince and Trevor. Waiting to see if any other subtle music matches are in there. Cool watch.

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