3 thoughts on “Mainichi: Satasuma / Shimane

  1. Such a rad rider ! Thank you for choosing to give this dude some love , E . I’ve been following his channel a while now and he posts some of the most SLLLLAMMMMED contest runs from K.O.G.s , jam footage and a ton of riders from the scene in Japan …..the O.G. legends , and a bunch of serious ripper that I’m not even familiar with , haha….there’s so many great riders over there . One contest run in particular that I’d wanted to see was when Martti was in Darth Maul face paint , freestyling some dope lines ……that one save / drop to lard yard , WOW ! I’m digging this x-leg line of his and it’s cool that like you , E …….he covers a lot of the sport whilst staying on top of his game with his own riding / progression…….I like THAT !

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