Unscripted – A Flatland Film 2021

Unscripted – A Flatland Film 2021 is available for download right now, Stewart Munro’s latest video project. Looking forward to sitting down and watching this one later today!

”Unscripted is a new full-length video showcasing some of the best flatlanders from around the world featuring Kio Hayakawa, Masato Ito, Nick Watts, Simon O’Brien, Clint Millar, Jody Temple, Paul Chamberlain, Pete Brandt, Ruo Hayakawa, Yoshihiro Shinde, Trevor Meyer and Viki Gomez.” Run Time – 1 hour .

Link to buy – https://kfc.gumroad.com/l/qFmTD

Ares DVD Magazine Vol 4 1

It’s a good start to the week here on Flatmattersonline, TJ Perry came through with a couple of amazing full videos for us to get motivated.
I rinsed this Ares DVD Magazine back when this came out in 2008,loved the no-fuss mix tape type of feel this DVD has featuring York Uno, Hiroya Morizaki (everything Hiroya does!), Yoshihiro Shinde, Yoshiki “Hotoke” Uchino (his line at 19:19 is still unreal to this day!), Terry Adams (that Voodoo line at 11:55!), Hironao Doko, Calvin Tan, Fumiaki Okayama.

This is well worth your time today, you won’t regret it!


So many great videos documenting the scene in Japan that either pass through the FM firewall or just never reach us. Vivaasia is one of this evideos, thanks to TJ Perry for uploading this one. Great sections and riding clips from the likes of Kotaro Tanaka, Ryoji Yammamoto, Akira Okamura, York Uno, Yoshihiro Shinde and many more. At 24:40 long, grab a cuppa and enjoy this one.

Hiroki Monthly – 1/2018 Rear Wheel

I almost missed this one thinking Hiroki had uploaded the same edit twice, but no! We have a double treat today from Hiroki, first up we had the front wheel edition and now the beck wheel. Featuring Yasuhiro Uehara, Takayuki Iwate, Yoshihiro Shinde, Yukihiro Sato and everyone’s favourite Hirokazu Miura! Thank you Hiroki for these amazing updates from Japan!

Takahiro Ito wins C3 Jam in Toyama, Japan!


Congratulations to Takahiro Ito who took the win today at the C3 Jam in Toyama, Japan followed on the podium by Yoshihiro Shinde and Akira Okamura. Congratulations also to Expert Class winner, Tatsuya Hori and Novice Class winner, Yuta Yamaji!

Open Class.
1.Takahiro Ito
2.Yoshihiro Shinde
3.Akira Okamura

Expert Class
1.Tatsuya Hori
2.Takahisa Mitaki
3.Kouta Nakazima

Novice Class
1.Yuta Yamaji
2.Zigen Omotehara
3.Ryo Ishikawa

Yoshihiro Shinde – Diversion Video Magazine – 5.0 (part 3)

In this week’s Diversion Tv Retrospective, Bobby drops a dope segment where he travels to Nagoya to ride with Yoshihiro Shinde at Nagoya train station. Shinde is one of the few riders who work a full time career job and also made it to a pro level of riding! Check it out!