Japan Trip 2019

Back in August of last year, Paulo Gepulango got the chance to go to Japan for his wife’s birthday! Paulo of course, managed to visit plenty of riders and experience some different scenes around Kobe, and Osaka. Featuring Keisuke Tanigawa, Shinichi Kiba, Tomokazu Morinaga, Fumiya Sasagawa, Fumiya Wakabayashi, Eri Funatsu, Jumpei Goto, Takumi Isogai,
Masato Ito, Takuzi Izumi, Satoshi Ojima, Jun Oni Katayama, Giichi ikeda, Kota Ikeda, Jigen Omotehara, Yoshio Makino and many more. Scene edits are awesome, good one to watch when you have the time….

Flat Games 2017 in Chiba, Japan

Great footage from the recent Flat Games contest in Chiba, Japan featuring so much awesome riding in order from: Ryo Katagiri, Ryosuke Takagi, Nao Yoshida, Yorimitsu Miyata 00:48!!, Naoto Tamaru, Shinichiro Hara, Yasuhiro Uehara, Kazuma Nakajima, look out for the young ripper Takumi Isogai at around the 1:52 and the no handed spinning halfpacker whip halfpacker line at such a young age at 2:17, unreal! Masashi Itani, Keisuke Tanigawa, Naoki Watanabe, and Fumiya Kanna, great edit by Yasushi Kajiwala! Don’t sleep on this, underground japan at its finest, I believe Moto Sasaki organised this event. Thanks to Lee Musselwhite for the heads up on this one!

Yuki Itoh wins Derauma Cup in Nagoya


It’s a busy weekend for contests in Japan with two events going down, congratulations to Yuki Itoh who took home the win at the Derauma Cup in Nagoya, followed on the podium by Hidenori Ishizaki and Yoshihiro Shinde.

Bikes Hiroshima 2017 was won by Shinichi Kiba closely followed by Keisuke Tanigawa and young ripper, Takumi Isogai. Congratulations to all! Hopefully we will see some video from these events shortly.

Lookback: March – The 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards

March is always a good month, springtime is coming and after a long winter its nice to be able to ride outside again. Not to mention generally there is a whole lot more content coming through from riders worldwide.

On the first day of March, Paul Chamberlain just dropped a real nice promo for the Down Underground 2016 series, filmed at his local riding spot in Summer Hill. Plenty of awesome hang 5 variations in signature Paul Chamberlain smooth style, well worth watching again.

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3 Bike Festival

One of my favourite things about the japanese flatland scene are jams like this, amazing riding and vibes from the 3 Bike Festival where you have a mix of Takumi Isogai and the brilliant super kids along with pros, Shinichi “Russia” Kiba and Keisuke Tanigawa. This well worth a watch * and just added three fresh parts!

G-SHOCK presents Real Toughness 2016 BMX Challenge

Great edit by yukipkoproject (how many times have I said that recently?!) from the Real Toughness 2016 BMX Challenge event in Murasaki Park, Tokyo Japan, featuring amazing riding from Keisuke Tanigawa, Yu Yamamoto, Yuki Sakai, Ryuji Nakamura, Kazuki Udagawa, Keiji Nakamura, Takumi Matsumoto, Yuji Ota, Koh Yoshida, Masashi Itani, Takahiro Enoki, Nao Yoshida, Syuichi Osada, Sato Minato, Takahiro Ito, and Takuya Higa!

Full Swing 2015

Full Swing 2015 from Kazuki Kawanishi on Vimeo.

Peep this amazing Full Swing 2015 contest edit by Kazuki Kawanishi featuring the likes of York Uno, Keisuke Tanigawa, Ill Neyagawa (arguably the best backwards manual in the game, check 1:38), Kazuto Morishita, amazing jumplash pedal x-ft 5 line at 7:03, Tomokazu Morinaga, Shinichi Kiba, and many more! Hit play already!

Kobe & Osaka BMX tour 2015

I must say this every time I see a grassroots japanese edit, but this really is what it’s all about! Hiroki Uchiyama kindly sent in this awesome “Kobe & Osaka BMX tour 2015”, I picked a few personal highlights but you definitely want to watch this the whole way through!

Ill at 4:10 – Slow controlled backwards manual to forwards manual into super slow caboose body varials, amazing to watch!

Keisuke Tanigawa – Killer xft combos from 4:43.

Miura – Back wheel japanese legend, fresh footage from 5:48. So much style and crazy pivots!

Decade Okayama 4th Anniversary Bmx Contest

So much to love about the japanese flatland scene, check out this Decade Okayama 4th Anniversary Bmx Contest edit by Keisuke Tanigawa. Featuring great riding from the likes of Uehara Hiroshi, Russia, and Keisuke kills it and looks like he took the win also. Grassroots flatland styles!