Lookback: March – The 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards

March is always a good month, springtime is coming and after a long winter its nice to be able to ride outside again. Not to mention generally there is a whole lot more content coming through from riders worldwide.

On the first day of March, Paul Chamberlain just dropped a real nice promo for the Down Underground 2016 series, filmed at his local riding spot in Summer Hill. Plenty of awesome hang 5 variations in signature Paul Chamberlain smooth style, well worth watching again.

Dominik Nekolny came out swinging in 2016, as well as Must watch progression clips, he also took the win at the annual Fight the Winter contest in Gottingen, Germany that took place in february. (We didnt get too see his run until March).

On the 2nd, HeresyBMX’s Sebastian Grubinger teamed up with Sevisual to bring us all this really well produced Jacket promo for Devise Clothing.

On the 3rd, I published a banging edit from the ABC of Flatland contest in Alencon, France by Valentin Flad featuring the likes of Matthias Dandois, Dominik Nekolny, Viki Gomez, Alberto Moya, Thomas Noyer, Sebastian Grubinger, Sietse Van Berkel, Joris Bretagnolles, and many more!

Only 5 days in and already a lot of events, edits, and it continued on with this fresh edit with Daichi Kimura produced by Kenshiro Ojima! Real nice back wheel flow, pedal pivots on point!

On March 6th, Dominik Nekolny took the win at the Maple Vibes contest in Toronto, Canada, followed on the podium with Jean William Prevost and Jason Plourde! Dub also took the win in the best trick contest, congratulations Dub! Check out Dom’s winning ride below:

A week earlier, Matthias Dandois won the ABC of Flatland contest in Alencon, France. Here is Matthias’ winning ride…

If you didn’t already notice Matthias Dandois is on a mission for 2016! Check out this awesome raw clips edit he just dropped from a session with Alex Jumelin. The ender at 1:13 is super good, and nice to see some of the moves that aren’t totally finished, but raw as hell!

On March 11th I was stoked to see this new short edit out of Japanese flatland legend, Yoshihiro Taka Nishikawa this morning. Back wheel fire for sure, hit play for a refresh!

On the 14th March, Freedom BMX released an amazing hype edit featuring Viki Gomez for the Zuppermarket flatland contest that coming weekend in Trier, Germany. Well worth watching this one again.

Also on the 14th, Owen Bohn dropped a new progression clip to celebrate going pro for St Martin, enjoy this one!

On the 16th, Justin Eastman dropped a banging edit from the maple Vibes contest in Toronto, Canada featuring Dominik Nekolny, Jean William Prevost, Tyler Gilliard, Jason Plourde, Chase Gouin, Bryan Huffman, Ron Monis and many more.

On the same day, we had some Great coverage from the South Coast flatland jam, including Dax Wolford’s winning ride, hit play!

On the 17th, young buck, Gurvan Le Bloc’h published his Welcome to Quest BMX part, and it doesn’t disappoint. Definitely worth a watch as Gurvan finds his way…

On the same day, James McGraw is back on London Bikes, and celebrated by nailing this long back wheel line for the first time. The switch from xft ice cream to pedal upside to regular side at around the 00:38 mark is awesome, check this one out! Scuffgate rules breached but what the hell!

On the 18th, Bobby Carter dropped an awesome Aloha Jam hype edit: “Aloha Jam BMX holiday is more than just a jam. It’s an adventure! Join a crew of international riders as they take over a mansion on the island and explore paradise. This is part one of a video trilogy so stay tuned for part two, “Valley of the Temple.”
The 3rd Aloha Jam is June 24-26, 2016. We have rented out a flatland beach house again.”

A day later, Kevin Nikulski threw down a sweet new edit filmed at the National Gallery riding spot in Berlin, Germany a new one. Björn „Bommel“ Mager kills the filming and editing duties, loving the one footed spinning crack boomerang to crackpacker around the 2:45 mark!

Also on the 19th, Alex Jumelin and Viki Gomez tied for the top spot today at the Zuppermarket contest in Trier, Germany, check out the highlights edit Global flat put together just a few days later.

The 21st March was a good day, Anthony Schneidewind dropped an amazing edit from the Maple Vibes contest a few weeks back in Toronto, Canada featuring great riding from Jean Francois Boulianne, Chase Gouin, Bryan Huffman, Elias Odeh, Étienne Bergeron, Jean-William P, Prasheel Gopal, Tyler Gilliard, Ron Monis, Robert Reilly, Sergey Sanko, Lachlan Cameron, Austin Luberda and Dominik Nekolný. Well worth rewatching this one!

If that wash’t enough, Giannis Caternellis started this freestyler project around one and a half years ago, and has since uploaded over 1000 combos! He dedicates his 50th freestyler edit to the one and only Kevin Jones, based around the classic hitchhiker! Congratulations Giannis, thank you for all the motivation, long may this continue. Enjoy!

A day later, Stoked to see the return of BMX Boze today! Great coverage from the Chiba Cup OpenClass Final this weekend that Moto Sasaki won! Great riding from Mizuki Takahata, Akihiko Takahashi, Takahiro Enoki, Takahiro Ito, Shuichi Osada, Shuichi Osada, Takuya Higa, and Moto Sasaki! Don’t miss this one!

On the 23rd, we saw the winning runs from Alex Jumelin and Viki Gomez at true Zuppermarket contest in Trier, Germany. Check out these two great runs again, contenders fro contest run of the year?

On Good friday, we got a nice treat from Bobby Carter! Introducing Part 2 of the Aloha Jam video trilogy. The crew gets side tracked into the Valley of the Temple where they find their flow. They must have found the power because they spent about 7 hours sessioning on the day of the jam! Stay tuned for part 3 next Friday, where the crew explores the base of an ancient volcano!

Three days later, Very stoked to see this full edit from one of the all time greats, Chase Gouin! Plenty to digest here, what stood out for me on the first watch were the following, the fire hydrant whips then missing the scuff on two rotations around the 2:04 mark plus the spinning gerator direct switch foot peg decade out without touching the tyre. Great to see Chase sharing his riding once again with the flatland community and for his sponsor, St Martin! Respect due!

On the 26th, Jean William Prevost stomped his way to first place at Round 1 of the AFA 2016 series, followed on the podium by Dax Wolford who threw down a flawless second run, with Lee Musselwhite taking the third place podium, congratulations to all!

Just a day later, and Keisuke Tanigawa celebrated his 30th birthday in style! 25 combos for us to get motivated on! As always so much style and tech in Keisuke’s riding.

Of course there is plenty more that went down during March, but these are what I considered pivotal moments, you can check out went down in the archives section. Hope you all had a good christmas and thanks to everyone that has voted in the 2016 awards so far!

Effraim Catlow / Flatmattersonline

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