Japan Trip 2019

Back in August of last year, Paulo Gepulango got the chance to go to Japan for his wife’s birthday! Paulo of course, managed to visit plenty of riders and experience some different scenes around Kobe, and Osaka. Featuring Keisuke Tanigawa, Shinichi Kiba, Tomokazu Morinaga, Fumiya Sasagawa, Fumiya Wakabayashi, Eri Funatsu, Jumpei Goto, Takumi Isogai,
Masato Ito, Takuzi Izumi, Satoshi Ojima, Jun Oni Katayama, Giichi ikeda, Kota Ikeda, Jigen Omotehara, Yoshio Makino and many more. Scene edits are awesome, good one to watch when you have the time….

Must Watch! York Uno and Doko in Osaka!

2013 has started with a bang, new quality edits everyday! And here is a really nice edit from Hironao Doko. He and York to the trip to Osaka, and teamed up with Yuichi Ill Tamiya, Fumiya Sasagawa and Jun Oni Katayama who all deliver really nice combos! Fumiya’s whiplashes off the frame, will never get old. That was one of the tricks of 2012 for sure! It goes without saying, Japan is the place to be!