2 thoughts on “York Uno: How to Two Footed Steamroller

  1. True story: In the summer of 1987 – while riding my 1986 blue Haro Sport with an ACS Rotor and the ACS stem that bent down – I was convinced I’d achieved an NBD – inventing the 2-foot steam roller.

    This, of course, was soon to be disproven.
    But the disappointment I endured prepared me for more to come.

    Like in 2013 when I bought Scott Powell a drink at the GuruJam afterparty and he told me that the 24″ cruiser Death Truck I filmed at Chenga was not, in fact, an NBD. Over the course of the dinner I bought him, he explained how he observed Jason Leman doing death trucks (and forward death trucks which Scott insisted are called Cherry Blossoms) in Mt. Rose parking lot with all video cameras turned off.

    This second – more intense – wave of disappointment provided the fuel, focus, and fortitude required for me to invent The Bachyderm – which is A Powell-Certified NBD.

  2. True print. I saw a Japanese mag and it had the name ‘cherry blossom’, possibly a ‘ cherry picker This was in or around 02- 03.

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