Yu Katagiri – 3rd Place BMX Cologne 2018

Yu Katagiri is 13 years old and it’s gifted with the skills of a seasoned pro. In Cologne he fully cemented his name in the minds of everyone, hit play for an absolutely incredible run that took third place in a stacked BMX Cologne final.

**I am missing Dub’s run, does anyone have it?

4 thoughts on “Yu Katagiri – 3rd Place BMX Cologne 2018

  1. I think you said it the other day Effraim, it’s scary, that kids this young, are riding at pro level. And to think us older riders not only weren’t doing this in the early days, but these tricks and links just wasn’t seen. Are we going to have 9 and 13 year olds competeing at the highest level, if flat gets into the Olympics?? It wouldn’t surprise me. It’s as if, forget school work, they’ve got flat practice after school lol.

    • Yes it’s going to happen, wheels are already in motion. You see kids like Yu and Julien from Normandie. Healthy for the sport, everything is relative. Diff time, diff tricks, better quality bikes. Yu is unbelievable talent!

  2. Exactly Effraim , on all topics you stated ! Man , Im really ammmped on Yu , this run is so rad . The bike flips , mixing in PEDAL stances , the pivots , overall FLOW during his links……..all bases covered for his combos , in this run . Ucchie did really good training him …….as this run shows .

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