Yu Katagiri wins Arkleague 2023

Congratulations to Yu Katagiri, taking the win at Arkleague, followed by Yu Shoji and Hiroya Morizaki. Carin Honmura took the win in the Women’s Class!

The best trick format really pushed the progression of the sport at the highest level. Check out Moyà’s Instagram if you missed the livestream, and Terry Adams deserves a shoutout for one of the funniest videos in a long time related to Flatark.

5 thoughts on “Yu Katagiri wins Arkleague 2023

  1. why can’t find any videos on this?? Supposedly one of the biggest flatland events of the year and all l I see is Yu all over social media… where is the Ucchie run, Morizaki ? youtube has nothing… can someone pls bless me

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