Yuo Hayakawa: 11 Years Old / Far East Cycles Rider

It’s so good to see the next generation of flatlander coming through the ranks, Yuo Hayakawa just came through with a banging new edit. This kid has a bright future ahead of him, the ride in to caboose at the 1:15 mark is wild. Kio’s younger brother has mad skills…. Go watch this one right now!

3 thoughts on “Yuo Hayakawa: 11 Years Old / Far East Cycles Rider

  1. seriously, what is in the water over in Nippon?!?! all these kids are pro-level amazing! great to see many of them are sibling affairs too: Hayakawa Bros, Katagiri Bros, Yoshida Bros, etc etc … can’t wait to go back to Japan someday

  2. Absolutely savage! Way to go Japan. The young dudes so smooth as well. Untouchable levels of riding are in his future. 11 years old? Unreal. Go Yuo!!!

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