Yuo Hayakawa: Welcome to IGI

Yuo Hayakawa is a young shredder from Nagaoka Niigata, Japan. You may be familiar with his older brother Kio, who has made his mark on the World scene from the confines of his indoor spot, well his younger brother, youngest of three brothers/riders is following in the footsteps of his two older brothers and really showing us the depth of his bag of tricks in this Welcome to IGI Edit!

Welcome to the Next generation!!!

5 thoughts on “Yuo Hayakawa: Welcome to IGI

  1. Bobby Burge and I were juuuuuust talking about how insane the next new generation of riders are these days . Yuo is most definitely one of em ! I’m in shock , haha….I personally could barely even ride a bike REGULAR ,at this age , haha ! His back wheel lines / flow are PRO level . Can you just imagine him @ Bobby’s and my age ??! ( 51 and 47 ! ) I mean…….c,mon !! Rocket bike flip , pivot to PEDAL switch hand rope spin @ 1. 15 minutes !!! Hell yeah he needs to be on the I.G.I. roster . Talk about a future asset !

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