Aki’s brand new Zion "Focus" ride..

Along with Sam Foakes, and myself, Aki will help in the testing of the “Focus” frame, looks awesome in “Star Platinum”. Check out the worldwide stem in the third shot, looks super nice!
More information about Aki and his ride on: http://www.zion.hr

New Dutch scene video-Harlem session

Dez and the lostbmx crew are working hard on the scene in Holland, new kids, jams, looks like Holland are holding it down nicely…Nice new video, halfhiker jump over to halfpacker from Dez!

Check out the lostbmx site for updates, photos, videos etc.


Haarlem Session! from wouterthebmxer on Vimeo.

Twilight jam videos

09 Athens, GA Twilight Jam Pt. 2 from Sulferblitz on Vimeo.

09 Athens, GA Twilight Jam Pt.3 from Sulferblitz on Vimeo.

The videos from ninja spin keep coming

Edit from the Cream crew…

Mark Webb-Full English

Terry Adams wins Twlight jam

Congrats to Terry for winning the Twlight jam in Athens, Georgia. (2 years in a row…)
At this time I dont have any of the other results.

Just found this video…

update with results…

1st Terry Adams
2nd Dane Beardsley
3rd Gabe Kadmiri
4th Andy Cooper
5th Luis Los Santos
6th Mickey Gaidos
7th Jody Temple
8th Damian Bacci

Spike Jonze Interview

I grew up reading the magazine, Freestylin’, of which Spike Jonze played a big part, of course now Spike Jonze is a famous hollywood film director, whilst also retaining some of his roots working stuff for Girl and Chocolate skateboards, and most recently the Lakai video “Fully Flared”.

James White and Phil Dolan talk about flatland

Great vid up on the deepbmx website,I just pissed my pants on the pinky squeak question, classic banter between these two, check this:

Phil&James talking about BMX from El Poder de la Bike on Vimeo.