valinhos nene 5

Great video from brazil, some good switches, especially liking liking the opening carving lawn jump to steam, thanks to Lisias for sending this one, brazil in the house!!

7th level clothing co- coming in 2010…

Lachlan Cameron sent this promo vid, good stuff, look out for these guys, hardcore riding in the basement, props guys!!!

7th LEVEL Clothing Co. Coming 2010! from Lachlan Cameron on Vimeo.

Bike animation?

More Level Vibes footage

Found this online last night, edit by Matt Baker…

Untitled from matt baker on Vimeo.

Gary Young at the Nike 6.0 tunnel

Gary Young was over this neck of the woods just before Level Vibes to ride the local infamous tunnel, all a bit hush hush, heres the end result,the ender is sick!! one of the lines you have to see in person to appreciate!! enjoy!!


Happy birthday Dez!!!!

Happy 21st Birthday today to Dez Maarsen, we are currently working on a interview for this blog, so keep an eye for that day!! Have a great day Dez!!!

Dez Steam Kickflip to Halfpacker from Dez Maarsen on Vimeo.

Bike project in effect

This is a rad story…Chino Sonido of Davao City, Philippines is a recipient of the Phil.Bike project. Courtesy of Bike Project of Karl Hughes a.k.a. Paradoxium.

Chino for Phil. Bike Project from Archie Babiera on Vimeo.

Diversion Tv clips- King of Ground

Don;t forget Bobby’s dope diversion tv site, if its raining or snowing outside or you just flat out need some motivation, the king of ground footage is comprehensive!