93 till infinity – old school treats

phil dolan – king of concrete, southsea skatepark, august 1993 from matt dyer on Vimeo.

james white, flatland at koc, southsea, 1993 from matt dyer on Vimeo.

aju bubu – koc flatland 1993, southsea, uk from matt dyer on Vimeo.

effraim catlow- flatland run at koc , southsea, 1993 from matt dyer on Vimeo.

Loving this old school footage, couldnt wait a week to post all these or the Souls of Mischief reference, good times from KOC 93! Phil Dolan, James White, Aju and yours truly doing our thing, still to this day (with exception of Aju).

8 thoughts on “93 till infinity – old school treats

  1. That would be my dad thong! hahaha. he tried to be fair to everyone, 3 mins is 3 mins, not 320, 330, 4 mins, does sound funny watching it back! Really stoked on the footage!

  2. what next do i convert for old school sundays etc? could do some very old unseen videos- bob haro and mike dominguez in st georges, bristol. curb dogs with vanderspek,peterson, meyer,campbell,hudsun and stupple at brighton- both of em from 84. maybe i should ask E to choose a random year and i’ll see what i got to work with. (no 1985 footage though) but got flatland from most years 84 to 2004 and some later random clips.

  3. Pick a period? 94-97 comes to mind… Whatever the case, these edits you put up are awesome Denny, lot of energy in Phil’s riding especially makes you realise how good the scene was back then, so many many people from other countries came to see what all the fuss what was about, got me stoked!

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