Bizhouse Brooklyn Mod

Are brakes coming back? There have been some interesting developments happening in BMX recently. Bizhouse’s Shawn White hit me up late last night with this Brooklyn Mod concept which was developed along with Carlos Coste. The idea is to do away with welds on your AD lugs, so you buy forks, drill the holes yourself and boom your done. Time will tell if this works and if you trust yourself with a drill. Let’s discuss this one in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “Bizhouse Brooklyn Mod

  1. Tightening those recessed caliper bolts right up against the fork legs seems sketchy. There should at least be a concave washer or a recessed bolt with a much bigger “lip”. Either way, you are going to need a template and a drill press to have any hope at all getting this to work. Not a lot of margin for error.

  2. Anything you want to add go for it, Small 1/4″ hole, no problem, GT PFT had 2 holes in the Forks for cables, Brake Bridges has a hole, no breaks in that spot! Just a Mod for those who need a Break from Brakeless #EMER

  3. The Mod still under development, the concave washers are in the build, the idea is to compress the fork leg against the concave mounts and the inner recessed nut will be at face of the other end of the drilled hole creating a aerospace like ( Shawn White idea ) not compromising strength on the fork legs.

    Stay tuned! More is coming!

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