Brandon Woldridge: FourPointNine

FourPointNine from brandon woldridge on Vimeo.

Brandon Woldridge just sent through his 49th birthday edit and a nice description to boot to kick start our Monday posts here on Flatmattersonline. Belated Happy birthday Brandon!

“This is FourPointNine, I turned 49 earlier this year. All of the indoor footage (at the Tiny Dome™, a/k/a my living room) was filmed recently during lockdown, with the final clip from last week at the tennis courts. Missed some time last year with back problems, but really glad to have sorted it out enough to be riding again…it’s still the best feeling.”

10 thoughts on “Brandon Woldridge: FourPointNine

  1. Happy birthday , Mr. OWNER of the PEDAL five = Jefe -Woldridge !! Loving these tight circle all rolling lines just nailed aggressively in your super compact session spot . The hitchhiker , all those SLLLLAAAAAAMMMM down turbine , spinning , cliffhanger lines…….AND , of course your new butter slipped switch hand steam to crack packer line….the entire edit RULES , Brandon ! This has me STOKED , campeon…… and has me wishing I were a lil more in the ROLL gate as much as I am in the SCUFF gate type of riding , haha…..seriously though , bruv ……thanks for filming / uploading this . I was so hoping for a fresh edit of your riding . Hell bruv , you know Im all over your Vimeo channel , watching your lines ! So this new edit was a real surprise , again …..STOKED ! Plus …….ya gotta keep me informed on bands , haha….I swear the only other rider that Ive known to have loads of knowledge about all genres of Metal was Bobby Fischer , remember him ?! Rode for Standard bike company , had a pro model frame called the Shaman , and did some of the most cool frame stand tomahawk spins , mid-combo . Yeah , that cat really knew Metal , haha….but YOU , Brandon ……EVERY single genre of it , EVERY genre ……you always are on the up and up on it , haha ! I ll be in touch , campeon ……..and AGAIN …….this edit is super good , the all rolling lines , controlled , aggressive , and effortless …..the music , all bases covered , Mr. Woldridge , glad youre back to riding and eager to see more of your rolling lines in the future . Oh yeah …..there is a new genre , its sludge -slam , haha……its sweet and really flows with flatland riding , perfect pace to ride to ……..Brandon , upload a how to video for fools like myself ……who STILL cant HANG FIVE in 2020 , haha…..I swear , bruv …….I must be the only bmxer these days who still CANT roll a proper HANG FIVE , hahaha……Ive watched just about EVERY how to video online……..STILL cant dial them in , hahaha…………..been trying them since December of 2000 , haha………..

  2. STILL watching this edit ! The tunes also fit Brandon’s combos ………both the music / riding are very fluid , trance like…… and carry on with a smooth , sinister FLOW ! I love cats with a effortless rolling flow to their lines ! Maoilani , Grubinger , YOU ( Brandon ! ) Olsen , Hearn , Frost , etc ,etc……..cheers to all yall ! I’ll get ya that info to Texas Flatland Round Up , soon Brandon ! Sorry it’s taken me a bit , was gonna call ya today …..buuuut my dumb ass lost my phone right after I got off work , haha……

  3. Still watching this edit , and peep gaming Mr. Rolling , Smooth Stylz -Woldridge’s riding …..Really hope to see even more of his riding in 2022 ! Rolling lines / Metal music ….like peanut butter and jelly …..a SWEEEEET combination …….

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