Episode 29: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Amos Burke


It’s time for episode 29 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, and Amos Burke stepped up for the occasion. Dropping a nice bar flip fire hydrant line, filmed down in Hastings, here in the UK.

Amos just celebrated his 48th birthday last Thursday, happy birthday Amos!
Amos is infamous for his Backyard and S&M video sections back in the day, and Amos is still going strong.
Big respect to Amos for contributing, who’s got episode 30?

Dropping Wednesday 5pm, GMT….

4 thoughts on “Episode 29: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Amos Burke

  1. Very AMMMPED to wake up to a brand new progression exclusive clip from Amos ! STILL watching your S and M bike company , 4 Down , and a lot of older edits of yours , campeon ! Loved the way you flowed into your fire haul kickless , bars BIG , then bar flipped immediately after the turbine ……..THEN continued the Mc circle to another turbine/ lash exit . A sweet lil technical , snappy , flowed line ! STILL ripping @ 48 , mad respect on that , Amos .Oh yeah …….your Ells Bells SHUT DOWN video part …..yup , STILL watching that as well in 2020 . Its really dope how much stuff you’ve done in bmx over the years……..multiple whiplashes , switched to PEDAL cowboy squeaks . That’s in a full page photo sequence in BMX PLUS magazine , July 1997 , I believe . I have THAT magazine . You were staying / riding in Long Beach when they shot that photo sequence . Dylan was there also , he got a full page busting a no handed / one legged rolling PEDAL ant rider ! You also pulled 360 nose picks , BRAKELESS … back in early 1999 , steam bar flips to Cobain rolls , MID- line in early 2000 …. LOADS of huge street gaps and RAILS , not to mention, fast inside circle stick-bs mixed within long back wheel links , AND….. 360 to fakie airs on transitions ! This exclusive clip REALLY stokes me to session today , Amos …..rad that you’ve STILL got that drive to progress your riding after all these years . Gracias again to you and you too , Big- E !! This makes my Sunday , bruvs ……..just loving these exclusive rolling in , this was such a perfect idea to be RE-upped for this site…..every / anyone …….KEEP em coming ……

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