Must Watch: Toon Pakphum goes Full Run Mode!

Many riders have toyed with the concept of a one combo contest routine, few can do it though. Toon Pakphum shows great calmness and consistency to get this done, the multiple stem-a-rangs body varial to halfpacker 2:15 into the line, is outrageous.

Under MK Format tuition, Toon shows no sign of slowing down even though the contest season is on hold. It’s definitely going to be interesting when the contest season restarts again, we will see a changing of the guard at the top of the sport? Toon is certainly knocking on the door, let’s discuss this one.
Great work Toon!

21 thoughts on “Must Watch: Toon Pakphum goes Full Run Mode!

  1. Almost speechless about THIS ……I just talked yesterday about riders ripping long lines….WITH super difficult switches / transitions throughout those lines . Phakphoom Posa Art …..aka…TOON delivered with this link , TIMES 7 . Im so stoked on this MUST WATCH link , like really stoked ……..can you imagine him rolling out onto a contest floor in the future and just laying this out ?! Talk about shutting down a contest , haha……When contest pick up again , hopefully soon ….Toon is gonna secure a PODIUM spot , Im calling it NOW ! Martti has really elevated his riding level and EVERY rider who has been training under his M.K. Format . Its like if Larry Bird was training players on a day to day personal regimen ! Cant emphasize just how rad this combo is …..from start to finish , pure bmx flatland JEDI mode ,swinging with TWO light sabers , while using Krav Maga , haha……..MUST WATCH , indeed ………Martti / Toon , thanks again for this treat ! RE -watch again and again ………

  2. I’m probably a bit of a nerd but I’ve always enjoyed seeing a TV show or film (the show ER and film 1917 come to mind) execute long continuous shots, especially when you take in account at all the planning and timing and choreography to make it work. This immediately felt like the flatland analogue of the continuous shot. It could have been broken into two or three pieces and still be dope but the sequence kept going without any fumbles. Well played.

  3. watching something like this always makes me realize how much of my life I’ve wasted. you really got to constantly let go of allot of other shit to keep riding and progressing at this level. Toon is a man on a mission. Super sick to watch this go down.

      • I did the whole 3 minute combo thing a lot during the 90’s, but that was involving a lot of scuffing I think it was easier to go for longer with this technique. I recall doing a long combo for 5 combos (Jason Brown R.I.P video) but it never got used… I would imagine a lot of riders did the same in this era, long combos were kind of a trend at one point it seemed like. Im sure gods like Chase, Kevin, Martti, Simon O’Brien, etc etc have all done long combos in the 3-4 minute duration. I was talking to Sam Foakes last night on the phone, and he said he used to do it when he was pumping mid trick.

        So I think over the years there were a lot of riders in the mix of doing this concept, Moto’s one was memorable for me. Nowadays phones and cameras are more commonplace, your liable to see it more often. In a contest setting is another matter entirely…. Respect to anyone who steps up to the challenge.

        • Effraim , youre SPOT ON…..YOU did do LOADS of 3 minute and even LONGER links back then , and yes scuffing really does make flowing longer easier , hahah…..I STILL scuff dat tire TODAY , like its 1997 , bruva !! Hahaha , couldn’t imagine NOT scuffing @ this point in my life , haha ……seriously though , Big -E , your super long links back then were on the cutting edge of that time period , busting the freshest , newest , most difficult moves @ the time , while ya were SLLLAAAAMMMMING those links…..front AND back wheel , so mad RESPECT on THAT , E !! NO WAY…….I should of known you were to be featured in Jason Browns R.I.P. -5 COMBOS film !! You were definitely a long combo GURU back then , campeon ! Id PAY to see THAT combo , E ……ya got it in a video vault somewhere at your flat ?! Damn , Id be stoked to watch THAT today , hell bruv , I STILL try and ride like THAT…….TODAY , haha . 5 COMBOS was /is the one bmx video that had the biggest impact on my mentality , agenda and a flatlander ……AFTER watching it…..I was sold , haha…..I was hooked on the whole concept of the video …..and have kept it all 1997-1998 flavor to THIS day , haha. Only one I got lucky enough to pull a entire contest run , single link …..A.F.A. Round 3 in Houston T.X. , July 2016 . James McGraw was announcing , so was Prasheel Gopal ! They both had me pumped to go for it ! Funny fact , E . Right before the prelims started , I had walked past John Yull , he was judging , he joked to me…….NO scuffing , Rodney ! I just smiled and said …well….I guess Im DISQUALIFIED before these prelims even START ! Hahaha , Yull is a funny guy and an even more INNOVATIVE rider ! Good times , Effraim ! Please look for that link of yours , if ya have it saved , bruv……….off to work , mate !!

          • Yes Rodney, great memories. That 5 combos line is long gone, no idea where that is. Remember Martti’s line, holy shit that was so dope!

      • Hell yeah , R ! I just talked about THAT link of his last evening , haha ……another MONSTER of a combo packed with just about every single one of his most insane switches he was SLLLAAAAMMMING down @ that time . I have it recorded on my flip phone , haha ….and STILL watch it to this day ! Its friggin wild how he just unleashes a 360 bar flip / pivot switch hand steam to half packer AND a 360 bar flip steam , landing with his arm between his legs , both feet hitting those pegs @ the same time , nailing those switches back TO back , MID-LINE ! All those crazy X-LEG hiker jugglers , the first X-LEG hiker pivot back to switch X-LEG hiker transition , and THAT one was to START the link , haha…….ending it with the switch hand steam LEEEAAAP over the bike , while turbining / boomeranging , landing to a steam near the end of the line , so much WILD stuff in that combo . It made me become an even bigger fan of his riding . I remember I hadn’t checked this site in a couple days , just busy with stuff around that time in 2014…….THAT link of his and Jorge Viki Gomez , his LAST ridiculous combo @ Flatland Voodoo Jam 2014 , during the finals , were two of the first things that I had missed ! I thought , ok …..apparently you can miss some really great stuff NOT checking FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM , often , haha !! Effraim , Nekolnys combo should be this weeks T.T. !!

  4. This is really awesome! Much respect!
    BZ, I know what you mean. I ride two times a week “as a hobby”. I have a family, full time job and so on so I think it is realistic that I by far can not reach that level and I am fine because it is still fun for me to ride. But it is just remarkable how far a rider can get! Any rider who learned some advanced flatland tricks knows that you need to spend a lot of time to pull a combo like this…

  5. Good lord! I stopped breathing from 00:40 till the end of this crazy combo…
    So impressive how smooth he is, considering the difficulty of those tricks!..
    Thank for this, so awesome!

  6. @ 1.42 MINUTES ! Toon is the only dude Ive seen butter slip into a crack packer from a turbine steam like THAT……switching to his right foot , butter slipping on the OPPOSITE side , to the crack packer…… instead of staying on the REGULAR side / peg . Technical details like this change transitions , switches from rocks…….to BOULDERS , as in throwing some HEAVY difficulty into the mix …….and not to mention shredding a link this long without a scuff or even a single touch of the tire ! That’s really SLLLAAAAAAMMMED and super impressive to me …….all these difficult switches , transitions , having to just roll , pump , turbine …basically no chance to recompose yourself / take even just a lil break to recharge / rest…..bruv , Im so impressed with this link , TIMES 7 . This is wild style AGGRO , and yes ……ANOTHER contender for the line of the year / 2020 , for this site !

  7. @ 1.57 MINUTES ! I think ANOTHER signature switch of his…… he comes outta the Dave Duster to Karl , turbines , then body varials / switches to a crack packer ! Cant imagine him NOT landing BOTH pegs @ the SAME time , being a little off and looping out , crashing ! This is one of those switches that seem straight up dangerous , all that momentum going on ! Damn dude …..take that , the multiple STEM rang , drop down / body varial to half packer , the 540 bar flip exit , crack packer boomerang to half packer ……so much stuff in this EPIC line ! A lot of these things when Toon removed his front brake , I thought , man ….I wonder if hes gonna…………….………then ..BAM , next time I saw a video of him, he had not only KEPT these switches ……he ALSO had em CONTEST ready / DIALED !! Loving this line…..PROPS to Sasaki , Nekolny , White …..these cats have thrown down some crazy hard 3 minute combos these past couple years ………Yup , gotta watch this again , haha………..

  8. This is awesome & not enough superlatives to describe. In a word, smooth. Love the pumpin 1 hand K/cruiser.

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