Diggin in the crates: Dylan Worsley vids

Yesterday we started the backyard DVD boxset giveaway, to which I asked a question about Dylan Worsley, today heres a few videos of the man himself, ground breaking stuff for its time. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Diggin in the crates: Dylan Worsley vids

  1. Yes Dylan!

    The first video shown was released in 1999, so the footage may have been from as early as 98′.

    I love Dylan, I think the most recent video footage I’ve seen of him was in the revenge industries video. Doing backward wheelchairs kickflips and what not.

    Classic! I hope his part from Groundwork surfaces online one way or another someday.

  2. Thanks for posting these up Dylan had some serious hard combo’s all the pedal tricks on the back wheel , a few sections in the Baco vids as well as a Props interview back in 1994 the dude rocked love his style.

  3. remember the Rider cup in London in 1992 Dylan was riding a green S & M dirt bike built up as a flatland bike he was doing pedal junkyards even then although James Shepherd was doing pedal caboose's a year or so earlier the stuff Dylan was doing was ground breaking so damm hard.

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