Discovery Vol.02

Discovery Vol.02 from FuckFlatlandEntertainment.TMBS on Vimeo.

A special treat from the archives today from Japan, Discovery Vol.02 is now available to watch online featuring Hidenori “Soncho” Ishizaki,Jun “Oni” Katayama,Tomohiro Kiyoku,
Shunsuke Komatsu,Hiroki “Tangmeng” Iwata,Shinya “Mats” Matsuura,Takahiro “Kyoro” Higaki,
Masashi Itani,Yoshiyuki Sawai,Kazuto Morishita,Shimpei Hanawa,Shinichi “Russia” Kiba and
Tomokazu “Mo-rich” Morinaga (the banger at 37;05!). Well worth grabbing a cuppa or two and sitting down for this one.

7 thoughts on “Discovery Vol.02

  1. Japanese riders never cease to amaze me,the diversity of personalities,each one contributing so much..also having met most of them makes this more intense..the atmosphere and riding in this is brilliant ,gripping!well done!

  2. Agreed with every comment on this film . Ive watched bits / pieces of it so far , looks to be amazing , LOADS of diverse styles of riding . My kind of film , for sure ! The Ellls reference ………….VERY accurate / spot on , Jason . That alone give this film a lil extra edge / flavor to compliment every single unique , amazing combo by every rider ! Cant wait to dig in to this after work ! TOP exclusive Big -E ! STOKED about some more Hidenori footage as well .

  3. Amazing!!!! Been in a bit of a video tunnel, as of late, watching the CULT video for the past few days. This pulled me out of that rut and, as Mr. Willams points out, the diversity in this is spectacular. Great style, to boot! And, should you be so inclined, I have to recommend viewing that CULT video. Much like this video, ALL of the parts are captivating, but I especially liked the Timmy Theus snippet. I love video parts that reveal something personnel about the rider, and Watching Theus ride some iconic Chicago spots like only a local could, was really rad.

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