Diversion TV Retrospective – South Riders

Don’t miss this weeks Diversion TV Retrospective! Classic section with the South Riders!

This mega-segment concludes Diversion Video Magazine 3.0. The South Riders really embody the mind set of flatland during this time period. They were about innovation and creating their own styles and doing what they do on their bikes. A stark contrast from today’s mindset of doing tricks and using styles that are “trendy” or “cool.” Eugene’s analysis of Flatland is spot on…No matter how far you go you’ll always be at the beginning. There’s a whole bunch of position that haven’t been explored yet. So get out there and explore!

5 thoughts on “Diversion TV Retrospective – South Riders

  1. It was a great moment in time for sure. We all wanted to hype each other and push the limits. I wish I could have rode in that video but I was recovering from knee surgery.
    Bobby thanks for capturing that!

    Eugene is now working for fed ex in Baton Rouge and is devoted to being in his religion. He rides still but not with people much. He and I talk here and there.

  2. I just wish riders nowadays had the same out look. It’s not about the latest and greatest trendy tricks to get on camera, it’s about being creative and pushing your own boundrys. Being inspired by others to go in your own direction.

    God I sound old hahhaha 18 years in the game tho
    and just as motivated that ever 😉

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