Dominik Nekolny – Pedal Clips + halfpacker 360 body varial

What is going on in Prague right now! Dominik Nekolny missed pedal tricks and flowing some new lines incorporating pedal steams and xft pedal 5’s, not to mention the third clip is so good, halfpacker 360 body varial! Go watch these right now!

3 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny – Pedal Clips + halfpacker 360 body varial

  1. AGREED R , Ive BEEN craving some NEW combos from Dominik , as I ALSO am subscribed / follow his YouTube channel !! FLIPPIN ECK , BIG E , ANOTHER stellar post !! LOVING all THREE of these combos , I’m a HUGE fan of Doms TECHNICAL riding , like you , have been since back in 08 when he was riding those CUSTOM bars , forks , and frame , and only had was DESTROYING some PEDAL steam lines , even back THEN !! THIS NEW footage REALLY made my night , hes SO wild -style , ORIGINAL with his TECH links these days , AND actually throws NEW lines in COMPS………………………..WINNING them !!!! RESPECT Dom , MAAAAAAAAD RESPECT to one of the BEST in the PROGRESSIVE , TECHNICAL bmx FLATLAND game !!!!! Gotta watch all three MULTIPLE times !!!

  2. DOM should just stop going to contests 100% and concentrate on this shit!!!

    He would be so much better if he totally let go of all that.

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