22 thoughts on “Dub n’ Konkrete – Upgrade

  1. E, how is this video and Motos video not a must watch?
    I believe these two videos go way above and beyond the
    usual, as well as extremely progressive W/style.

    Dub, you killed it man! So nice to see you way on top of
    your game!

    • @adam/lachlan – I made the decision to make it harder to get that “Must watch” tag about a month or so ago, one man noticed and understood (James White), its one of those things I can’t win really. Sometimes in the past via feedback from a broad spectrum of riders I have been too easily giving that “Must Watch” tag away. With amazing videos such as Moto’s and Dub’s I leave them at the top of the site for the day, thats my why of saying, “Hey flatland world, this video is awesome, check it out! I’m more thinking unless it is something I think is completely off the charts, and never been done before, edits for the most part only will get that tag. (although you can never write that ins tone of course…) It’s great to see hear riders are striving to get that tag, nice to know people are taking notice.

      Hope that explains my way of thinking.

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