Dustyn Alt – Wethepeople Bikecheck

Some good news sent in by Dustyn Alt! He just got a hook up with Wethepeople, who have just launched a “Utopia” flatland line. Great to see WTP back in the flatland game, and great to see them supoorting an up and coming pro rider! Check out Dustyn’s fresh new ride.

Frame: Wethepeople Utopia 19.5
Fork: Wethepeople Utopia
Front Wheel: Stolen Revolver
Rear Wheel: KHE BIG O
Tires: KHE MAC 1
Pegs: D.O.M. Pegs
Seat: Stolen F Boss
Freecoaster: KHE Astern Street
Bar: Wethepeople Switch/Utopia
Barends: Wethepeople
Stem: Eclat Boxer
Crank: Flatware Twombolt
Pedals: Moto Bicycles

3 thoughts on “Dustyn Alt – Wethepeople Bikecheck

  1. Thank you very much Lee and Lachlan! And thanks to wethepeople for these dope parts and Effraim Catlow for uploading all the flatland stuff that motivates me to ride!


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