Dustyn Alt – Wethepeople Utopia Testride

It has been a good start to 2014 for Dustyn Alt, we announced the news Dustyn was on wethepeople just the other day. Check out his Utopia Testride test ride short edit he just put together right here, plus the news he just got hooked up with Rockstar! Congratulations once again Dustyn, big things for Dustyn in 2014!

4 thoughts on “Dustyn Alt – Wethepeople Utopia Testride

  1. Those combos just flow so smooth together , looks awesome , keep putting the time in it`s really showing in your riding , Your Killing It !!

  2. My first bike was from Wethepeople, too Erik. 😉 I think they call it “sinus” ?
    And the second one was a red Street Bike from Wethepeople… soo. I can say im finally back home! 😀

    I am so happy to ride for this company, guys! It means a lot for me! 😉

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