Effraim Catlow – Farewell to Junglerider!

They say all good things have to come to an end! And that is certainly regretfully the case here. For two years, riding for Junglerider and particularly the honour of being asked to ride for the company by one of my riding heroes, Martti Kuoppa is something I won’t forget in a hurry.

Over the last two years I have been testing my signature “E-frame” with plans for it to go into production, but there sadly hasn’t been enough interest in the frame. We needed to take minimum of 100 orders, nowadays I realise that flatland is a saturated market and that is a tough order to make.

Now I have got to the situation where I have cracked my first prototype which lasted 2 years, there are no more frames to ride, so rather than have no bike at all. It’s time to go get a new bike!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Martti and Simon at Junglerider, for all they have done for me, and the very fact Martti believed in me in the first place. Going back and forth with Martti producing countless progression clips/edits in 2011, is something that will remain with me forever.

In keeping with the Junglerider/Flatmatters philosophy, hope you enjoy the farewell clip! More to come…

Thank you Boss!

Effraim Catlow

15 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow – Farewell to Junglerider!

    • Thanks joe! Stoked you noticed that, as well as the foot movement on the halfpacker. I realise it looks like a pump but I was adjusting foot for the next switch. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Flat matters! But it’s very tough to run a business in this market. Keep believing in Flatland, this funny thing we all love.
    Thanks for your work for Flatland.
    See you soon in Kรถln!

  2. That’s crazy, I doubt anyone has 100 orders for any flat frame, does this mean jungle rider is finished? Now that martti has stepped back from riding

  3. No offense here at all…but I wonder how interest in the frame was measured? Most of us have been wondering about Jungle Rider’s status for at least a year now.

    With no statements, updates, or active website, many riders will only consider buying a frame that seems available!

    I hope nobody takes this the wrong way…but if you drop the ball, you’re out of the game.

    Best of luck to E and Martti!!

    • Thanks for all the kind words, much appreciated!
      @Rick – I do agree with your saying, but it’s not as easy as that. I wanted to give the frame a good testing time, and during 2012 tendonitus kicked in which slowed me down a lot hence lack of promotion. It’s a double edge sword really. There were a couple of thing I wanted to change as a result of testing the e-frame.

  4. Nice switch at 45 sec. I just ordered an Ares A complete pro from FlatlandFuel as it was cheaper than replacing the existing parts that were breaking on my 2011 Strowler. Here’s hoping it’s a good bike.

  5. There ya go! Thanks for clearing up your side of things…People all around the world love Martti and his riding, so naturally they want to know what’s up with Jungle Rider!!

    But will we ever find out?

    And sorry to hear about the tendons, mine flare up from time to time but I don’t ride as hard, or as often as you! Keep it up, dude!!

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