Effraim Catlow – Ride On Interview Part 2

In my Part 2 Ride On Interview with Neil Waddington digs deep in the crates with some great questions that I hope I gave some insightful answers to regarding the ride and fall of the King of Concrete competition that my mum and dad ran for 17 years straight. We talk about my World Championship win in Cologne 1994 and the criticism that comes from winning events. This was pretty much the most open interview I gave ever done in my history of riding, hope you all enjoy it!

24 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow – Ride On Interview Part 2

  1. Please tell us there’s a part three coming! You’re still riding and the whole flatmatters project deserves a lot of recognition.

  2. Sat back, put my feet up, and hung on every word as the interview objectively interrogated reality. Very informative. I too would like to see a part three.

  3. Bmx needs more people at the helm who have experienced the good and the bad and are still around to share their experiences. For a sport or lifestyle to progress, it needs its ambassadors who can volunteer the knowledge garnered from their wealth of past experiences while not losing site of what the new jacks are seeing, doing and contributing. People like Effraim are a rare breed who love something enough to foster its development without suffocating its transitions and change. We are lucky to have quiet a few folks involved to balance the creativity and organization. Truth is the product of a disagreement amongst friends!!!

  4. You must have been the youngest pro rider in 94 by far, and you beat all the heavy hitters. That was an unreal line up- Albert Retey, Puente, Osika, Dolan, Day Smith, Mckinney, Aju, Jay Miron, Dave Beverige, Ice Money lol
    Imagine if we never had KOC? I wonder how different the scene would be today?

  5. Thanks for making these vids. Its cool to see what was going on on the other side of the pond! For us in the US i feel there is a big void in how Freestyle BMX in the US went to Europe and seems so big with events. Pre internet times seems such a mystery to me.

  6. There has to be a part 3… we still need to find out how Effraim felt being in Phil Dolan and James White’s shadow… =p

  7. Found some time to catch up on this finally!

    Firstly, amazing stuff! So honest. I love that body varial thing you did in 97 too.

    Secondly, I had no idea about the bad stuff, but it’s really good to know. You’re pretty defensive sometimes, but it makes sense now.

    I assume there’s more to come?

  8. Bro… I just wish we had internet at that time. It would have made things much easier: Communication, exchange… BRAVO my G for never giving up and keeping on achieving what was the most important to your eyes. ONE LOVE

  9. Just Caught up both this and the Dub interview.
    Very interesting to hear opinions/experience from those devoted to The Flat game from contributing past and present!

  10. ALWAYS wanted to know more about K.O.C , as it was an event that BIRTHED some SERIOUS talent !! Webb , Bestwick , Hale , Hollinger , etc . You , your parents DESERVE much respect for hosting this event for YEARS !! To THIS DAY I always comb the net for K.O.C footage , as its ALWAYS high ENERGY crowd AND riding wise !!!! FINALLY I get to see your WORLDS winning run footage !! PROPS/ RESPECT for that WIN with such a STACKED list of HEAVY hitters , you EARNED that win ! Dump truck STRAIGHT to fudge packers BACK THEN ??!! That STILL holds weight TODAY BIG E !! RAD that you’ve held your own competing GLOBALLY !!!!!

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