Finding: Wizard Publications by Brian Tunney

If you were riding in the 80’s and 90’s, there is a massive chance you were highly influenced by the Wizard Publications crew and what they put out in print. Whether that be in Freestylin’, BMX Action or Homeboy magazine, Brian Tunney just celebrated his 45th birthday, and made the three and half mile trip to where Wizard used to be based out of, and takes us all on a trip down memory lane. Thanks for doing this Brian!

9 thoughts on “Finding: Wizard Publications by Brian Tunney

  1. So fun! Brian did a great job expressing what I think we all felt about that place. Just a concrete box in a business park. Crazy how a place can seem so special, yet it’s actually the people that make it magic, not the location.

  2. Great trip down memory lane for me, that’s for sure. I can visualize Mike Buff jumping over a car on his P.K Ripper, 1 handed, & I think R.L jumping his 4 wheel drive to. Yes, I agree, you needed more tuck to be like the ‘Sqiggly Squadron’, as the Bmx Action Trick team was briefly referred to. This is also where, if I’m correct that, Josh White gained more attention in the freestyle world, with his hard variations;& and I think you’re correct, the halfpipe was called the TOL Brian. It sort of reminds me of the much much, more famous Abbey Road cover of the Beatles album. At least to me, as a teen seeing any story or photos at ‘Wizpubs’ I had to look at it. This is a great story Brian;& I’m glad that you put this together, thank you. It also reminds me that I’m getting old, haha!. These magazines were my Bibles as an aficionado of all things Bmx. I hid any 1 of them in my folder in school, and pretended to be listening to the teacher, haha! I couldn’t get enough of it;& was saddened to learn they were all gone. Next up, interviews with ‘EL Cid’ ,R.L and ‘Buffy’ Mike Buff??

  3. This triggered my memory Brian. I wrote to Haro Bikes between ’86-87 asking for stickers for my Haro Sport. After 2 months I hadn’t got anything from them or a letter, saying anything. But, 5 years later an envelope arrives and it’s them, no frameset stickers, just different Haro stickers. Talk about a message in bottle, that’s gone around the world, haha!

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