7 thoughts on “Groundforce Contest edit

  1. sick as this was and it is sick throughout Moto was amazing ,the riding from Matthias is the same old stuff same old combo’s seen it all before in every other edit bar one combo he was attempting at the end ,not dissing him or nothing as he is incredible to watch but i’m only saying what i see .

    when he’s on he’s on we all know that but if riding in comps has got to the point where riders are doing the same old moves year in year out then how are we going to see progression ?? or at least something new and original or different, at jams maybe less pressure to perform etc ,just a thought feel free to add your 2 cents worth thats my opinion as a critic.

    • well its very difficult in the current contest scene howard, with the way the battle format works, if you touch (trying something new) you could be out, so whats happening is guys are dialling in the same combos over and over, its a very easy trap to fall into, and your progression suffers. The otherside is, no one has consistently stepped up to the challenge since Justin Miller, Sam Foakes stopped competing, these guys regularly traded places, Justin wins one, Matthias wins one, Sam wins one, and then someone gets a rhythm of wins going. Moto has started to step things up here, during the groundforce runs, time will tell if that is a consistent challenge or not, and im sure you will see Matthias bring new things as a result, I keep going back to my editorial, but the format doesn’t favour progressive riding, it favours conservative riding, if the format changes the riding changes. People will step it up, and that will have a knock on effect to all riders, which in turn I believe is good for the sport.

  2. Watching the pros compete has the effect of either inspiring me to ride or making me want to quit:) I was elated that I finally pulled a hitchwhip and then I watch this! Damn! Give them all a trophy…conservative riding or not.

  3. Yeah i hear what your saying E ,would be sick if Justin Miller came back that guy was a dialled rider if i ever saw one and had a presence about him when he rode in a contest ,guess the same way Andrew Farris did in the 90’s.

  4. moto has brought some new balance points for like the pass like how many years>?? i havent seen yet to this day SOMEONE COPY moto’s tricks or balance points. I’m trying some and I’ll tell you they’re hard!!! you see a lot of matthias copies right’? LINK ME A MOTO COPY!!!!!!! nuff said!

  5. You miss my point Thong, i’m talking about consistently bringing a challenge to winning every contest, i agree moto does hard stuff, there are a few of his friends that do his stuff, but i dont have access to any footage so show you. People will copy matthias because he is the top guy, thats natural it seems, whoevers top, you see their riding filtered down the next year or so with pros, masters and ams.

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