Haro announce Matthias Dandois signature La Bastille Frame

Great news just dropped at the Interbike show in Las Vegas. Haro have honoured Matthias Dandois with a well deserved signature frame, named after his favourite flatland spot “La Bastille” in Paris. Check out the first photos right here!

The frame will come in three top tube length options, 19.5, 20.25, 21.
Specs: 75.5 ht. 13.3 cs.
Colours, Gold and Black.

8 thoughts on “Haro announce Matthias Dandois signature La Bastille Frame

  1. @lee : i love the frame but i am not sure it can be tagged as a “flatland product”. Anyway all this is very positive, i’m happy for Matthias and it’s so good to have a flatlander on the Haro team .

  2. this could tempt me back onto a haro for the first time since 1993. haro have definately upped their game since they hired john bultjens. he knows what’s up in old and new skool.

  3. Hello Everyone!
    Thanks for the positive feedback! i’m so happy and honored that Haro is doing my signature frame!
    It’s DEFINITELY a flatland friendly frame!
    I flattened the dropouts for back wheel tricks, and It has a shorter chain stay than the SDV2 for more reactivity.
    The cool thing is that you can ride whatever discipline of BMX with it without changing your bike. And I really believe that riding a longer frame feels so much better, you can actually feel every tricks and it’s more stable. Give it a try 🙂
    Hope everyone will like it!
    Have a great day!

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