James White on S&M!

It’s official! James White is on S&M via 4 down distribution here in the UK! It was only fitting Whitey have that Limited Edition White intrikat wasn’t it! This is too good! Congratulations James! S&M are building one hell of a team! That’s argueably the top three contenders for “edit of the year” all on S&M!

Look out for a big interview with the man himself in the new year!

25 thoughts on “James White on S&M!

  1. Very surprising!

    Also, James, can you comment on the rumours that you may or may not be joining forces with a Canadian trio in 2013?

    • Alwhite, alwhite, I wouldn’t say it was surprising at all! Whitey has had one of the best web edits of the year, stoked for him. As I said in the preview text, three of the contenders for edit of the year all on S&M, what a team! Good work Chad!

  2. man i saw this picture couple of days ago and 1st thing that came to my mind was: no way, whitie on sandm? but its more than true now
    congrats and keep on shreading

  3. the utmost respect to james, holds down a full time job 3 kids and a wife, and still progressing and picking up sponsors, im lucky if i can pull my links from 2 yrs ago

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