Must Watch! James White – @whiteski instagrams

@whiteski instagrams from James White on Vimeo.

Whiteski continues to progress and refine/reinvent his riding style. Great concept of collecting his instagram videos into one edit, the mantronix track fits perfectly with James’ riding! Definitely go watch this!!!

Top Fives with Peter Olsen!

Intro: Effraim.
Photos: Trevor Oleniuk.

As you may or not have noticed I have been stepping up the amount of exclusive content on Flatmatters over the winter months, particularly the interviews which I think have been quite in-depth. On the flip side of that, sometimes I am aware they can be heavy reading and thats not everyones cuppa tea so to speak. So with that train of thought, I was thinking let’s bring back the top 5’s feature, and who better to kick this off with than S&M’s Peter Olsen. Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

Riders of all time:

1-Ross Smith

2-Simon O’Brien

3- Martti Kuoppa

4-Garrett Reeves

5- Ruben Alcantara

Riders to ride with:

1-Trevor Oleniuk

2-Brandon Derbowka

3-Cory Stratychuck

4-Kevin Desautels

5-Cory Fester

Web edits:

1-Rich Forne DIG


3-Akira Okamura – Magic Fruits

4-Garrett Reeves / LOTEK

5-Dylan Reider – Gravis

Places to visit:

1-New Zealand


3-Southern Portugal


5-British Columbia, CAN



Inspirations right now:

1-More daylight hours

2-The sun’s warmth

3-My wife

4-My cat

5-My bike

Reasons to leave your town/city:

1-Long and dark winters

2-I’ve been here forever

3-I need a change of scenery

4-There is a world beyond this city

5-Opportunities elsewhere

Current Albums:

1-Shlohmo – Laid Out EP

2-Blue Hawaii – Blooming Summer

3-Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes

4-Spectrals – Extended Play

5-King Tubby – Dub From the Roots

Tricks to do daily:

1-Whiplashes (any kind)


3-360 pivot tricks

4-pivot whiplashes

5-Backwards tricks

Tricks you can’t do, but wish you could (ideal wishlist):

1-Cross footed whiplashes in front of the bars

2-Backward facing rolling walkovers

3-F-truck around the worlds

4-Big Wallrides

5-360 Bunnyhop Whips

Bike Brands:




4-Terrible One


Non bike brands:

PALACE skateboards



POLAR skate co


Things that piss you off:


2-Closed-minded folks




Flatland DVDS:


2-RUM 97-05

3-Made you Look



Non Riding Movies:


2-Shawshank Redemption

3-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

4-Moonrise Kingdom

5-Bottle Rocket


1-Ipod Nano

2-Panasonic DVX100b

3-My wicked old computer

4-My old Samsung phone

5-I don’t really like gadgets

Favourite no seat touch combos:

1-Xfooted whiplash 360 pivot to xfooted whip out

2-Xarm switchfoot whiplash to backward hang5 to x arm whip out

3-Xarm whiplash walkaround

4-Turbine Frontyard variations

5-Switch footed firehydrant 360 pivot behind the back to switch foot out

Flatland dislikes:



3-Excess scuffing or pumping

4-Intentionally dropping the back wheel down to the ground in the middle of front wheel combos

5-Changing carve directions in a combo (ie. going clockwise then switching it up and going counter wise in the same link)

*#4 & #5 are generally speaking, but there are exceptions as some dudes that can make both of those look sick

Flatland loves:


2-Fresh Air

3-Good friendships


5-Finding out something is possible

Who’s next for a Top 5’s?

James White on S&M!

It’s official! James White is on S&M via 4 down distribution here in the UK! It was only fitting Whitey have that Limited Edition White intrikat wasn’t it! This is too good! Congratulations James! S&M are building one hell of a team! That’s argueably the top three contenders for “edit of the year” all on S&M!

Look out for a big interview with the man himself in the new year!