Joris Bretagnolles – Welcome to IGI

It is now official, Joris has just been added to the advanced pivotry IGI team, congratulations JB! Glad to see the underrated Joris Bretganolles getting some love from IGI this morning. Peep this nice Welcome edit, the 360 varial to two footed pedal caboose at 1:26 is fire! Enjoy this treat!

7 thoughts on “Joris Bretagnolles – Welcome to IGI

    • @Joel – I am a big fan of Joris’ riding, hence my underrated comment. Aside from the varial to two footed caboose on pedal I have seen him do most of those lines before. As rad as they are, it didn’t give that gut “Must Watch” feeling I get. On the positive side, so glad to see IGI supporting an amazing rider!

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