Last times with Dylan Worsley!

It’s been years since I’ve seen Dylan (X Games 2000 I believe), when I was in my younger years-Hutch trickstar days (yes that long ago!), Dylan lived just down the road! We rode together a fair bit, then wouldn’t see him for a long time. Eventually he moved to the US, and has never looked back. Dylan has more tricks than you and I put together, i’ve seen some incredible stuff over the years, and remains very humble and out of the scene, I guess just how he’s always liked it. Sorry to ruin it for a lil moment Dylan :), Last times with one of the best flatlanders ever! Respect is due!

Last time you competed?
03,I think? I really dont enjoy contests. Jams I like.

Last jam you organized:
Never have, maybe should? Maybe thats Mutts job!!

Last time you rode with Ross Smith?
Hmm, I don’t remember a specific time, maybe once at the slope (Danville,CA) ’99ish? He was bustin-out then!!

Last time you rode “the spot”?
I briefly seshed there with Kerry Gatt,Mutt etc around about June.

Last time you were in Southsea?
KOC ’94, great contest memories there.

Last time you got a puncture?
I hate changing tyres. Last time was when I wore my last tyre too far.

Last time you yelled out whilst riding?

Last time you threw your bike?
Haven’t thrown it in a while! These days when I get frustrated I just really shout loud,ha.

Last time you checked flatmatters?
Today. It’s cool to see whats going on, all these riders I’ve never seen before from different countries.

Last trick you learnt?
xhalf-pk whip.

Last time you rode with Chase:
Memory is a bit fuzzy there, maybe Chenga World-over 10 years ago.

Last phonecall you made?
To my wife. I never use the phone much really.

Last time you did that no handed gliding antrider on pedal?
I messed around with it last weekend-got a couple of circles (didnt pull it),but, probably ’96-97.

Last out of town visitor you rode with?
Think it was the Ganji dudes Shane and Darin, maybe Amahl fom Louisanna last summer (09).

Last bikepart your brought?
Profile flat cranks 160mm with 18t nano sprocket.

Last time you rode in the rain?
Hasn’t rained around here really in over 6 months. Used to have to ride in light snow quite a bit back in Colrado.

Last time you did a double decade:
Took off my back brake for good back in 98, haven’t done them since then.

Last flatland dvd you watched?
I have an intrikat dvd. Flatsphere.

Last time you were overseas:
September ’08. New Zealand

Last movie you watched?
Legend of the Gaurdians.

Last time you rode out of state?
Colorado ’08. I’d like to get out to a York Jam or Austin one of these days. Actually alot of places.

Last online edit you downloaded?
Brian Rybak-Flatmatters.< Last time you filmed a combo?
About a month ago, self filmed at my weekend spot.

Last bikepart you broke:
Few spokes.

Last trick you got consistent:
Nothing special, counter clockwise b/less whiplashes, never spent much time with this.

Last time someone said “aren’t you too old to ride that bike”
Havent heard it much (although I can tell some people think it! ha) I got my frame powder coated recently and the guy said,”is this for a kid?”.

Last time you worked out?
I tried to use the gym at my old college a couple of years ago. I about broke myself!! ha. no good. Riding is my work-out.

Last time you partied:
Long time ago,I don’t do this anymore.

Last person you rode with:
Haven’t ridden with anyone in months, I think Mutt was the last rider I saw.

Last time you kissed your wife:

Last edit you produced:
Have not made one yet, just a clip. I need to learn some new things still.

Last time flatland made you smile:
All the time, doing tricks, learning tricks, memories, seeing others bustin’ out.

Last time you were in Huntington beach:
Took a trip down there 2 summers ago. Rode the old spot for a smidge, it’s changed alot since I was living there.

Last time you watched your Props groundwork part:
I don’t have that video, havent seen it in years.

10 thoughts on “Last times with Dylan Worsley!

  1. With the brakeless, pegless riding going on, I'm waiting for his rear wheel on-the-pedal stuff to catch on again bigtime! Awesome tricks.

  2. Ha, I liked the last question E.

    Props groundwork was the first flatland video I owned, and Dylan's section really stood out in my mind, even though I was pretty new to riding at the time.

    Obviously haven't seen too much from him since back then, but its good to know that he's still out there.

    – Prasheel

  3. Good point Rick!
    All that stuff you mentioned remains untouched, Dylan actually did a bunch of stuff pegless for his props interview!
    Think about now all that stuff he's done that's remained untouched, xft locomotive gliding on pedal, the junkyard flips both sides, antrider gliding on pedal no handed, more modern day the bar flip backwards crackapckers spring to mind! What a creative talent!

  4. Dylan is one of the all time greats! Never got the exposure he deserved, but never seemed to want it either. Keep killing it Dirty D!

  5. The stuff he did on that Hutch (pre USA days) is untouchable seriously hard tricks i challenge anyone to try them to this day that trick repetoire is up there i recall at Rider Cup in 92 on that green S & M he was doing pedal stuff ,Worthings finest still as rad as ever.

  6. Anyone remember Scott Santamaria, he did the locomotive on the pedal at the nbl make a wish foundation contest in Virginia. If i remember rightly that id what inspired Dylan to go in that direction. I've done the junkyard crankflip to junkyard on the other side, didn't even try any of the rest tho, bonkers stuff!

  7. Scott rode with Craig Lepage, Mark teo, jay Jones, they were all at the Trier Worlds, classic contest. Also the video "A lesson in aggression" features Scott and aboe mentioned. (Ever so slightly getting away from topic here).

  8. he stayed at my flat for ever in Austin but I wasn't riding flat anymore and never rode with him sounds stupid now cant even think of a reason why I wouldn't have even gone watch besides the fact I was sewing all the clothes and shinguards for every bike company for 10-15 hours a day?? He did bring home a bag of bagels every night that the store put out as day olds that was our breakfast lunch and dinner :))))
    Much respect Dylan come back I promise we will ride this time!!!

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