14 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa- Nora Cup Loser edit

  1. hehe…. damn, did not scroll down the page to see the results… and i did not understand ”loser”…. but hey! it’s all personal opinions, and whats makes a winner in my eyes, is a fighter, and Martti sure is a badass fighter!! keep it up BOSS! (title says it all)

  2. Big respect for the creativity ,best edit for me cause of the Music + riding it´s peacefull.Pushs me like the inTRIKat videos,Thanks!

  3. A big part of Motos win can be attributed to his insane Groundtactics video. So Martti should celebrate Motos victory too! Besides that Martti’s the f**cking BOSS and we ALL know it!

  4. That whip to hang5 bunnyhop 180 to backwards whip????? WTF? How many times do you loop out and eat shit trying to learn that hop? LOTS probably.

  5. Motos vid was cool granted but how can anyone equate that to the masses and masses martti has put out? get real . The truth is Moto won because most riders arnt at a level to distinguish whats what in terms of difficulty , originality , so forth so we end up with a majority ALWAYS voting for style and aesthetics over content not to deduct from Moto who is great to but compared to Martti? no way no fking way .

  6. That was massive. I had to re-watch several parts because after seeing it the first time I caught myself self saying what the f*ck is going on here? He’s like an astronaut without a spaceship, exploring new worlds while never leaving the ground.

  7. Really thought Martti or Matt would win. Martti for what he’s done with all the crazy short edits and pushing others to follow suit with Groundtactics. Matt for bringing flatland to the masses with the AGT performances and also putting out a couple dope edits and winning the AMFLAT pro series for the year.

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