Matthias Dandois is the 2021 UCI World Champion

Congratulations to Matthias Dandois who just took the 2021 UCI World Championship title in a tense final in Montpellier, France. Matthias was followed on the podium by Moto Sasaki from Japan, and fellow Frenchman, Alex Jumelin. If you missed the livestream, or were unable to view it in your country. I posted it up on the Flatmattersonline instagram, hopefully it appears on Youtube in the near future.

Photos: Johann Chan.

Results sent in by Mike S, thanks guys!

3 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois is the 2021 UCI World Champion

  1. Does anyone have the full results? I want to know where everyone placed. I only know the top 8 and that Bo came last. How many people competed?

    Thanks guys

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