Irina Sadovnik: 1st Place Womens Round 1 / Ultimate Flatland League

What a last couple of weeks its been for Irina Sadovnik, the current Women’s Euro & World Champion just added to her winning streak. taking first place in Round 1 of the 2021 Ultimate Flatland League. Congratulations to Irina and all the ladies throwing down, onto the next round!

Hit the link below for all the entries.

5 thoughts on “Irina Sadovnik: 1st Place Womens Round 1 / Ultimate Flatland League

    • we can see the run of Ayuna is edited (cut at 1’44) and according to the rule, it was about non edited full run
      but that frontyard inside that long combo was so good though!!

  1. Some tricks were done by most of the competitors, some brought other stuff. Not so easy to compare. But I know what you mean… I would also have rated Ayuna higher.

  2. RESPECT to Irina and EVERY rider whose SLLLAAAAAMMED DOWN their video entries ! ( I’ve watched just about EVERY single one so far ! ) I’m bugging out , man………seems like every year there is SO much talent / skill coming from everywhere and every AGE , haha… I think ” ok , at this age …I was struggling to dial freaking CYCLONES ” NOT as an EXIT …but as a SINGLE trick , hahahahahahhaha……..these day these riders are dialing ROPE SPINS , SCUFFLESS Switch-Bs , TURBINE steams , PEDAL time machines , and straight up PRO level moves ( EVEN linking them ! ) Then out of no where a whole crew of SHREDDERS show up , entering online comps …….just RULING with high level combos , original style to their riding and are DIALED AS HELL on their bikes ….if you would of told me @ age 20…….that riders @ such and such AGE , and that there were literally gonna be TONS of riders WORLDWIDE riding @ such a TOP level , multiplying DAILY …….I would of thought you were just being OVERLY optimistic about the sport , haha……now …….it’s come to pass ,over and over and over and over and over and…………..I’m loving THIS , it’s all very motivating …..even for a ” local yokal ” with old , mid school riding style in 2021 , ha ! ( me ! )

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