Kio Hayakawa takes top spot Round 1 of the Ultimate Flatland League

Congratulations to Kio Hayakawa taking the top spot in the Ultimate Flatland League with an amazing entry, followed by Toon Pakphum in second, and Alex Jumelin and Matthias Dandois tied for third. Onto the next round, good luck and congratulations to everyone who made it through. Amazing level of riding!

Head over to the UFL site to watch all the entries:

9 thoughts on “Kio Hayakawa takes top spot Round 1 of the Ultimate Flatland League

  1. Inhuman. Definitely a machine. Made by the same organization that built and engineered Trevor Meyer, but clearly refined the design and A.I. to process and destroy flatland at an accelerated rate.

  2. Straight up, this is just insanity. Currently the most exciting rider for me. Seems every few weeks he drops something that makes me question what I just saw, much the same way I felt as a kid first seeing rolling tricks. So much unexpected.

  3. this is too crazy!!! I thought one or two blender tricks in one combo was max… this guy is on another level! Respect!

  4. no comment…. hahahahhaha mind blowing, sick sick sick congratulations! but if thats round 1….. what is round 2 (I cant think of that…)

  5. THIS is progressive , CORE , and technical Flatland @ it’s BEST in 2021 !! I’ve been watching this in AMZEMENT …… long combo with some of the MOST crazy hard , high level switches , pivots , etc ! I can’t believe he got this done in my opinion a short amount of time ! This ENTIRE line start to finish is MENTAL , stupid hard sh-t that can be done individually , and he goes COMPLETLY freaking ham and puts in all into one big combo . ( AGAIN , with the HARDEST stuff ! ) I have SO much stuff to say about this MUST WATCH combo , but I gotta get to work , haha……mad RESPECT to Kio , TIMES 7 ……one of the BEST combos in our sport’s HISTORY ! He makes everything so damn SMOOOOTH , too . I bet the judges spit out their coffee or tea while they were watching this for the first time , haha…OBVIOUS FIRST PLACE ….HANDS DOWN !! This combo stayed in my mind for hours after watching it ONCE , haha……I mean……he’s using PEDAL stance ice creams ( BOTH pedals , like I use freaking REGULAR crack packers in his combos , haha….like he’s using HAMMER moves linked as if they were ” normal” tricks , haha !! All these moves , transitions are WAAAAAYY over the top ….AGAIN ,linked together …….INSANE !!

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