FLAT SYSTEM 007: Pandemic Tour Recap with Jean François Boulianne & Steve Bergeron

In this edition of FLAT SYSTEM Dub catches up with his friends Jean François Boulianne and Bergeron who recently came back from a 5 month tour around the USA during the pandemic. They tell us about how it was to travel by road during these times, and they discuss the US scene, the lack of a new generation coming through, and many other things including Van life and the best riding and camping spots they encountered on their tour. Great to see Dub putting these out regularly!

One thought on “FLAT SYSTEM 007: Pandemic Tour Recap with Jean François Boulianne & Steve Bergeron

  1. When Bobby sent me the text ” Jean Francois , Steve @ BMX Haven ( his personal session spot . ) Sunday …..I was excited about it , haha ( days before they had even rolled into San Antonio , haha ! ) I had met Jean / ridden bikes with him @ the post jam for the Texas Toast contest back in October 14th 2012 ……but hadn’t seen him since then , much less ever met / ridden bikes with Steve ……THAT day , the ENTIRE day was SLLLLLAMMMMED @ BMX Haven ! Jean , Steve , Bobby , Cesar Rangel , Julio Cotto , Diego Tejada , Randall Edwards , etc ,etc……all of em rode amazing . We all had a rad time , riding , eating and taking a couple minutes to peep game about just how Jean views Flatland and the his beliefs , and mentality about how he’s been riding his bike and living for the past 3 years . ( some serious words of wisdom , EVERYONE stopped what they were doing to listen ! ) So cool for Reklamation bike company to contribute to their North American tour for so many months , AND add Jean to their roster ! Steve is also a REALLY dope rider , real laid back , chill and super friendly . He and I exchanged BMX stories , happenings throughout the years for like 2 hours chatting ( after we were done riding our bikes ! ) I still look back and smile about this day……..thanks for the shout out , Dub !! Still stoked on the day ( March 18th 2018 ! ) when YOU rolled through San Antonio , WON the A.F.A. contest ! ( that was literally right across the street from my job @ that park , haha…….and also had a wild riding session with Bobby , Diego , myself , etc, etc…….@ BMX Haven ! Loving these I.G.I. Flat System interviews ! Keep em rolling , Dub !! Damn……Bobby has had some LEGENDARY riders roll through his session spot , great times / memories , TIMES 7…………..

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