Matthias Dandois wins FiseWorld Montpelier

Congratulations to the contest machine, Matthias Dandois who just threw down another flawless performance at the Fise World contest in Montpelier, France rocking the house quite literally, the atmosphere was lit. Matthias was followed on the podium by Alex Jumelin and Moto Sasaki. The win also means Matthias is two wins out of two for the Fise World series.

1-Matthias Dandois
2-Alex Jumelin
3-Moto Sasaki
4-Viki Gomez
5-Lee Musselwhite
6-Toon Pakphum
7-Kevin Nikulski
8-Jean William Prevost

You can watch back the finals below if you missed it:

3 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois wins FiseWorld Montpelier

  1. Claude is a great announcer. Knows the trick names, and back stories of the riders. I do think Matthias has been doing that foot hook trick for ten years though. Just not in his contest runs.

    • i couldn’t help but notice Claude twice mentioned Matthias’ “footlocker” trick as “whoa partner i was here first by Terry Adams”. i even rewound it & turned on CC just to make sure i heard it right. LOL

  2. LOVE Matthias and Alex, fan of their riding, totally respect everything they do in/for bmx… but it just seems odd they are top 3 nearly every FISE comp, especially knowing the killers they are up against in the finals of these contests. Does everyone else just crack under pressure or not have the difficulty/creativity in the judge’s eyes to beat MD and AJ? I’m not saying anything shady is going on, but I haven’t had a chance to see every run of all the FISE comps, so I’m just curious if these boys really are just dominating everyone else like the results imply, or if the comps are actually super close. I prefer to think there’s no kind of judging bias going on, but again, I haven’t gotten a chance to see the complete finals at all the latest comps, so I don’t have a context for the results, and am curious what folks who’ve seen all the riding think.

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