Mingle Hideki Kawai edit

Feeling these Mingle edits from Shinde, Hideki kills it, so much tech stuff on this edit enjoy! Good to see some pedal steam action again!

2 thoughts on “Mingle Hideki Kawai edit

  1. Yet another underrated rider, I'm feeling these mingle edits, they something awesome to flatland. Remember this guys riding on flatland manifesto, he kills the pedal steam! Loving the halfhiker flip to xft pedal steam, bring on the hotoke and keisuke edits!!!

  2. His pedal steam , holding on to the OUTSIDE of the bar ! Even rolling the wheelchair , ONE legged STILL in pedal stance ! Not to mention his FULL bars to pedal steams . His riding STILL holds major weight in 2021 . Ya seen his NEW edit titled ” Cancer ” , Effraim ?! Even more of his signature pedal , Cobain roll , steam -around the world links . I remember the first time I saw a photo of him in Dig BMX magazine.in November of 2002……..rolling a DOUBLE pedal crack packer , wondering to myself ” I wonder just how long he rolls / holds THAT position ? ” Then………I finally saw video of him in 2003……I got my answer alright , haha. He can hold THAT position and all of his pedal stuff …….as LONG as he chooses ……in COMBOS , even ! RIPPER , TIMES 7…………after watching his new edit I was like , to myself ” Fool , he’s ROLLING on the pedal , you’re SCUFFING , haha !! ” That put my session in perspective , haha………..Kawai RULES , TIMES 7……..

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